• In 2020, UNESCO-backed "Media campaign on keeping girls in picture" collaborates with community radios to provide ongoing education for Nepalese girls amid the pandemic, focusing on tailored radio awareness and education for adolescent girls, aiming to empower stakeholders and create an enabling environment for sustained education despite challenges in five project districts.
  • In 2020, with the support of Save the Children ACORAB facilitated a meeting with ministers, enabling children to articulate concerns regarding the pandemic and ensuring their voices are heard, urging government accountability through increased budget allocations and program execution across all three tiers of government.
  • In collaboration with UNESCO in 2020 and partnering with The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and CEHRD, the "Hamro ghar hamro pathshala" initiative ensured continuous learning for class 9 and 10 during the COVID-19 response, delivering a total of 272 lessons through 136 episodes, broadcasted twice daily via an extensive FM radio network and social media, incorporating additional elements for a comprehensive educational experience.
  • With the support of Save the Children, ACORAB established “Hamro Palo” is grounded in the Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) approach, with the objective of amplifying the voices and concerns of children and adolescents regarding various issues affecting them. Through the utilization of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, children and adolescents actively engage in the program by posing questions on topics such as the impact of earthquakes on their education, protection, and health, as well as other pertinent issues like climate change and budgeting for children. These questions are directed towards influential policymakers and stakeholders.Collaborating closely with children to gather their questions and with stakeholders to provide responses, our radio station produces a weekly five-minute episode. These episodes are then broken down into a series of radio capsules, each approximately five minutes in duration. Each capsule is seamlessly integrated into "Sajha Khabar," a flagship news program produced by CIN, which reaches over 300 community radio stations nationwide during news hours, ensuring broad listenership.