Stories and Impact

Hope of single women

In a heartening episode of “Jeevan Rakshya”, the frequencies reverberated with tales of courage and collaboration. Two single women, grappling with the aftermath of their shattered homes, found solace and assistance through the programme. The collective effort extended beyond the radio broadcast, exemplified by the commendable actions of the true heroes in this narrative: Rama Kumari Shah from Ward No. 4 in Bheri Municipality and Parvati Kami from Ward No. 5 in Nalgadh Municipality. Their steadfast commitment to assisting their fellow citizens mirrored the resilience ingrained in the spirit of the Jajarkot community.

 Episode 24 of “Jeevan Rakshya” featured a crucial conversation with Engineer Gururaj Sanjyal, who, in collaboration with UNDP, shed light on the intricate challenges faced by the earthquakeaffected population in Bheri Municipality. Inspired by this dialogue, a significant decision unfolded. Armed with information and determination, Engineer Sanjyal resolved to provide financial support for debris removal—a pivotal step towards reconstructing homes reduced to ruins.  

The impact of the programme transcended the airwaves, as on-site investigations paved the way for a compassionate initiative. Engineer Sanjyal's decision to offer economic aid for material removal exemplified the programme's commitment to turning words into meaningful actions.  

Through “Jeevan Rakshya” the resilience of the Jajarkot community harmonised into a symphony of collaboration and empowerment. The labour subsidy, providing support to each affected household for three days, showcased the programme's dedication not only to addressing immediate concerns but also to fostering recovery.  

“My name is Rama Kumari Shah, and this is my maternal house from Bheri Municipality, Jajarkot ward number 4. I called the programme “Jeevan Rakshya” which was being played in Radio Paila in the morning and they came here to address my issue, and I hope this issue will be solved soon.

After this earthquake, I think this is the first time I have become his hopeful.”  

Additionally, as ACORAB/CIN contribution, we introduced Rama Kumari Shah to provide counselling services, and the follow-up counselling services are currently in progress.

Testimonial of Ward no. 2 Chairperson from Bheri Rural Municipality: “My name is Kali Bahadur Oli and in my involvement with the Jeevan Rakshya radio programme, I inquired with diverse individuals about ways to contribute to our local communities in terms of relief and temporary shelter. Following that, we successfully distributed various relief items, including blankets and rice, to 400-500 households across areas like Dinga, Timila, Rangsi, Panorasa, and Pokhra. I am optimistic that debris will be promptly cleared in the affected regions soon. I extend my sincere gratitude to you for your support in making this initiative possible.”