Collective action against encroachment of community forest under the guise of temporary shelter construction

In the ongoing pursuit of sustainable development and community well-being, a pivotal impact story unfolds in the heart of Jajarkot. A meeting held at the Division Forest Office marks a significant stride towards preserving the delicate balance between disaster relief efforts and environmental conservation. The concern over increasing encroachments on community forest areas in Jajarkot, under the guise of temporary shelter construction post-earthquake, has prompted decisive action from various stakeholders. The assembly, comprising community forest stakeholders, ward representatives, political party delegates, journalists, and others, has collectively committed to upholding regulations governing the allocation of wood for temporary shelter construction. Divisional Forest Officer Radhakrishna Das through the radio programme "Jeevan Rakshya" brought this issue to light. 

This broadcast shed light on illegal encroachments, urging immediate intervention and decisions in consultation with concerned stakeholders. Despite the commendable earthquake relief efforts, where affected citizens receive legal wood and technical assistance for shelter construction at no cost, some expressed dissatisfaction. The preference for self-harvested firewood led to grievances from residents of Nalagadh and Kushe in Jajarkot during the "Jeevan Rakshya" programme.