ACORAB support to Community Radios after Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake 2015: 25th of April 2015 and the aftershocks that have continued to hit Nepal since then are the causes of most tragic loss of human and animal lives, property and physical infrastructures. It has badly affected on social, cultural and emotional structures of Nepalese societies. More than 120 community radio stations of most affected districts have been affected by the earthquake and aftershocks. In spite of extremely challenging circumstances and amidst loss of infrastructures and equipment of the stations, community radios continue to serve local populations to ensure safety and security of lives and properties. Only community radios can ensure communication to the local populations in their own language and in a way that is relevant to their concerns. To bring back the situation normal as well as emotional care to the survivor ACORAB has provided support to 41 community radios of most affected districts and one communication information network with the support of Give2Asia.