Lifeline Program

Lifeline Program "Bhukampa Pachiko Jiban Rakshya"

Community Information Network (CIN) of Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB) has started broadcasting a special radio program "Bhukampa Pachiko Jiban Rakshya (Lifesaving in post-earthquake Situation)" from May 5, 2015. The program is aired every day at 6:30 at the morning and also repeated three times a day.

Radio program " Bhukampa Pachiko Jiban Rakshya" is a lifeline program intended to inform and aware people on the issues important in post-disaster period. Program covers radio reports, vox-pops, and philosophical oration (Prabachan) including public service announcements. This radio program is produced at the studio of CIN which is broadcasted through community radio stations across the country. Please click the following link to listen the radio program "Bhukampa Pachiko Jiban Rakshya":